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An HR department is an essential part of any company, as it plays an active role in almost every area of your corporation. The main focus of human resources is to keep the company strong, successful, functional, and free of costly litigation from lawsuits through sound policies and actions for handling personal matters.

Reduce Your Risk, Increase Your Return

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By outsourcing your HR department to Southeast Texas HR, you can help your business minimize risk. Employment and labor laws change regularly, and it can be difficult for employers to remain up-to-date on regulations that affect the workplace. Our purpose is to stay ahead of the variety of federal and state employment laws. SETX HR can help your business comply with these laws to avoid costly lawsuits brought on by employees. We maintain and audit company policies and practices to ensure your organization and it’s employees best interest remain protected.

Maintaining an efficient and productive workplace is critical. Outsourcing your HR department to SETX HR creates greater efficiency with your human resource systems. The advanced HR technology that we utilize help streamline functions such as payroll, benefit administration and compliance management. We help employers and managers spend less time doing paperwork and more time dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.

Recruiting The Right Employee Is An Art

There are a number of reasons why recruitment and staffing decisions are crucial to any business.

Staffing the wrong employees into the wrong roles will impact overall organizational performance. People who are not qualified for or do not have the experience to perform will impact key areas of your business performance, including profitability.

There will be an impact on team performance and morale if staff recruited are not appropriate for their roles. If existing employees see many new recruits arrive and then leave, the impact on moral can be a detrimental factor impacting performance.

Employees will be subject to higher stress and pressure if they are placed in inappropriate roles. The impact on employees of wrong recruitment and staffing decisions should not be overlooked. Existing employees may suffer as they attempt to undertake roles they are not qualified for or do not have the experience to effectively perform.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

Southeast Texas HR can help your company eliminate these issues now and in the future to maximize the effectiveness of your employees with proper recruitment and staffing.

Benefits Can Be The Difference

Today’s competitive business environment demands that companies find better, more efficient ways to manage their significant employee benefits investment. At the same time, results from these benefit plans are increasing.

As a leading provider of benefits administration for large or small organizations, Southeast Texas HR provides comprehensive solutions focused on what our clients need the most. We help to manage costs, drive participant outcomes and satisfaction, reduce risk and improve compliance. For our client’s employees, our solutions drive better outcomes, like improved health and financial security, by providing the tools and support needed to promote better decisions about their individual benefits. Southeast Texas HR can provide these tools through an exceptional customer experience, resulting in improved satisfaction and engagement.

Our Guidance Makes Benefits Easier

When it comes to employee benefit plans, human resource professionals like you face multiple challenges today: health care reform, rising costs, shrinking budgets and frequently changing legislative and regulatory requirements. It is essential for employees to understand the value and features of your benefit plan so your organization gets the most from its benefits investment. Southeast Texas HR offers deep insights and practical expertise to help you face these challenges.

We Learn The Laws So You Don’t Have To

Southeast Texas HR consulting can provide instant expertise to your organization and business. If you already have a full-time staff to manage all areas of Human Resources, we can compliment your existing abilities and fill any gaps. We can provide technical expertise to streamline HR administration by developing internal policies, employee benefits, training programs, and professional management systems.

SETX HR can save your company time and money by eliminating the need for an in house HR manager. We can provide the outside perspective needed to make your organization run more efficiently and effectively. We have advised clients on organizational change to reduce cost, maximize the use of resources, and improve customer service. SETX HR will draw on our diverse experience to implement change while minimizing disruptions in the functioning of your company.

We provide expert consulting in all areas of the HR process: payroll, recruiting, benefit administration, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Managing Payroll Doesn’t Have To Be A Headache

There is more to managing business payroll than writing checks and handing them out to employees on time. Southeast Texas HR understands this and can help. We keep accurate records, calculate and pay payroll taxes, and communicate effectively with employees. Many small business owners are finding that by using SETX HR to handle their payroll, they can simplify the process to manage the process cost efficiently and effectively.

Using an outsourced payroll solution is typically more efficient for companies than processing payroll internally. Leaving payroll to experts like Southeast Texas HR can free up hours that you can devote to other important parts of your business. Whether it is your time, staff time, or a combination of the two, chances are that your hours can be better spent winning more business, improving customer service, fine tuning business operations, or launching a new product line.

Many business owners underestimate the cost of processing payroll internally by failing to account for all hours spent and resources allocated to pay employees and maintain payroll paperwork. A thorough cost assessment usually proves that businesses can save substantial funds by outsourcing their payroll processing to Southeast Texas HR to track and file payroll for them. Let SETX HR show you how we can save your business time and money by handling payroll for you.

Southeast Texas HR has many products to suit your individual business needs:

Recruitment - Employee recruitment, including interviewing and selecting new hires. This also includes monitoring personnel resources to determine when recruitment is necessary to benefit the company.

Training - Training new hires and continuing education of established employees can be the role of SETX HR. Ongoing employee training is essential for a company to maintain its level of professionalism and skill.

Employee Benefits - Management of benefits include offering and processing applications and claim forms, as well as distribution of information about your specific benefit programs. SETX HR is always available to answer questions you or your employees may have about their benefit packages.

Staff Database - Southeast Texas HR can provide a staff database that includes all of the information a company needs on every employee, such as personal information, job responsibilities, training, benefits, discipline records, and performance assessments. We will manage this database for you and ensure all information is readily available when needed.

Legal Compliance - SETX HR understands the various labor laws and its importance to the human resources department. We can manage all levels of employees with information on federal and state laws on breaks, lunches, overtime, wage laws, safety, drug free workplaces, and discrimination.

Protection - Southeast Texas HR protects the interest, image, and success of your company in every way possible by complying with various laws, executing administrative processes, payroll distribution, and creating policies in the most cost efficient manner.

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  • I think I speak for everyone at our company when I say that we have received much more than we expected. We now have a professional HR department meeting our specific needs at a cost that is within budget. Thank you from all of us.

  • When I heard about Southeast Texas HR, I was interviewing potential HR applicants to join my staff. When I realized I was about to hire an applicant with a lot less experience to do the job at triple the price the decision to go with Southeast Texas HR was a no-brainer. Now I’m using the money I saved to help me grow my company.